Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ornament Swap!

So I participated in my first Ornament Swap courtesy of Evelyn and Sami. Thanks guys for doing this! It was way fun! My swap partner, Janna, out-did herself and I feel like I did WAY less than I should have for her. I just kept un-wrapping and un-wrapping! She sent me 4 AWESOME ornaments! I'm guessing 2 of them were handmade? And the other 2 were monkeys! I guess she could tell by my blog that we like monkeys around here. :) And the stuffed monkey my son absolutely LOVES! Thanks again girls for helping me get my swapping feet wet! Can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


So for Dylan's first Halloween, he dressed up as Tigger. He didn't really love being dressed up, but he sure was cute!

We went to our Stake Trunk-or-Treat on Saturday and had a great time! Our friends Matt and Cherie and their kids Chazden and Gavin also went with us. They were dressed up as an Army Man and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

Dylan wasn't feeling great, and was getting pretty tired by the end of the night but we got a few pieces of candy and then walked around and enjoyed watching the rest of the kids get all kinds of goodies!

Sunday afternoon we carved a pumpkin...Well, Kevin carved the pumpkin, and I took pictures of Dylan playing in the "guts". :)


Our finished product!

Another Idaho Trip

The first part of October Dylan and I FLEW to Idaho to visit my family. I was very nervous to fly with him for the first time. I was very worried that he would be cranky and people would give me "that look" you "why the heck did you bring a screamin' baby on this plane" look...So, to start off, flying out of Las Vegas, we were two hours delayed (and 2 hours delayed coming back to Vegas) - great. Dylan got a little nap in before the flight and was entertaining EVERYONE on the flight. Playing peek-a-boo with people behind me and generally charming everyone around him. Guess I didn't need to worry so much. (story of my life) So once we got to Idaho we started visiting everyone. One of the main reasons we went, was to visit my niece Tasha and see her new baby Ethan! He is 5 months younger than Dylan and is almost the same weight! :) Here are a couple of them together.

The fall colors were all over the place in Idaho, and it was a nice day, so Dylan and I ventured outside to take some he is getting his first "taste" of leaves.

We had such a great time getting to see all of my family again and can't wait to go back for Christmas time!

St. George

In September we drove up to St. George for the weekend to meet up with a college roommate of mine from Utah State and her family. We had a great visit and got to stop by and take Dylan to see the St. George temple. I think he was facinated by how big and white it was...he just kept staring!

Idaho Family Reunion

Ok, so it's been awhile since I updated...I give everyone else a hard time, but never update myself. So I will go back a few months to do some catch up.

We went to Idaho in August for our yearly Anderson Family Reunion. This would be our first time camping with Dylan, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't extremely nervous for how he would do. We decided to sleep in a tent because there wouldn't be much room anywhere else for the Pack-N-Play, and if he was going to be waking up early I didn't want to wake up everyone else.

While we were there, we had CRAZY wind storms. At one point during the day, the wind gusted so hard that it blew our tent completely over. And the tent had suitcases, full bins of blankets, Pack-N-Play etc. all inside. Everything was completely upside down. Luckily Dylan wasn't napping inside at the time. I had to find the door, unzip it, and crawl inside and start throwing things out the door just so we could get the tent turned back over again. It was not so fun. When the wind was blowing hard at night (and I was imagining us blowing into the river) and the tent was whipping like it was in a hurricane, Dylan slept right thru it all - what a trooper. Guess he doesn't mind camping...Here are some pics of our adventures.

Dylan's First Time Swimming

The Fam in Green

My Mom and 3 out of 4 of her siblings

Dylan modeling his own green shirt

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baseball Game

My mom came to visit around Mother's Day, and while she was here we took her to a Las Vegas 51's baseball game. They are always really fun and the weather was perfect for being outside. It was Dylan's first real outing and at times it was really loud and sometimes he got kind of scared but over-all he seemed to have a really great time. Towards the end, he started getting a bit cranky, but it was past his bedtime - hehe. We are planning to go again next maybe more pictures then.

Mother's Day Project

So this year for Mother's Day (for my mom) - we took Dylan to the Artful Potter to make her a gift. I love this place and me and my friend Cherie go all the time. They can do these great plates etc. with designs around kids hand or feet prints. I really wish I could have decided on a design that had a foot print, because when you force Dylan to open his hand, he very strongly refuses. Lucky for me, he fell asleep. Still, it was an ordeal. So here are the pictures from our adventure and the finished product.